Aquatic Art Technologies (AAT) is an accomplished custom aquarium and water feature design and construction company.   We provide a range of services related to the planning, design and installation of custom aquariums, water features and LSS (Life Support Systems). 


Our specialty is designing unique, beautiful and exceptional living and aesthetic aquatic exhibits with sound filtration and LSS that operate efficiently and last.


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Our Portfolio

225 gal. SW Fish only Display - Corporate Office - Boston - 2



1500 Gal Custom Reef - Corporate Office - CT    

20,000 gal. SW Shark Exhibit - Corporate Office - LYNY - 3    

Custom Culture System - School - CT - 1    

Custom 40' water wall - Univeristy - CT - 1

Water Screen - Night Club - Boston

Live Planted Aquarium - Private Residence - CT - 1

Custom 6000 gal Pond - Private Residence - CT - 1


AAT provides a full range of services to public and private, commercial and residential clients all over the United States.  AAT provides the highest quality workmanship possible.  We can say this because we know what we build, from feedback from our clients, the duration of service of our systems and the long term health of our animals.