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Aquatic Art Technologies produces museum-quality aquariums for commercial facilities, residential properties, offices and more. We’ve been offering New England’s best in aquarium design, installation and maintenance since 1998.

We work hard to tailor each aquarium design according to the client’s wishes. We offer an array of water features and aquatic species, using state-of-the-art design software to create unique works of aquarium art. Our design services include client consultations, installation and maintenance of your aquatic system.

Our expertise in aquatic biology gives us an edge on our competition. Aquatic Art Technologies employs both expert craftsmen and professional scientists, who help ensure we build the proper environment for your display. We can even help remediate cases of poor aquarium design by others.

Whether you’re from New Haven, Hartford, Boston or the farther reaches of Vermont and New Hampshire, Aquatic Art Technologies can handle your aquarium needs. Call us today to see how we can deliver an elegant work of aquatic art that will dramatically improve the appearance of your home or office.


AAT recently finished designing, installing and stocking this 1500 gallon eel display which houses 3 moray eels numerous exotic fish and to start, some corals. The display measures 144″ long x 42″ tall x 42″ front to back with a custom filtration room with water storage and monitoring page out system directly behind the display.


Since 1998, Aquatic Art Technologies (AAT) has been relentless in the pursuit of ethical, green, quality products and services.

As a boutique, high-end aquatics company, we apply these ideals to all of our initiatives: custom museum quality aquariums, display management, livestock aquaculture, and industry product innovations.

In a global atmosphere where attention is only now being paid to the most important issues facing our planet and its ecosystems, we at AAT have always conducted ourselves with an ethical approach to the animals we handle and the systems we design. As a business, we have always operated in an environmentally friendly manner by recycling, buying recycled products and engaging in renewable, sustainable and safe environmental practices to meet both our clients’ and our own business needs.

In addition, we donate a percentage of our profits to research projects, charities and other organizations that focus on oceanic and other environmental issues, specifically those involving coral reefs.

Furthermore, our clients are critical to our mission of quality. AAT’s experienced team of professionals works in partnership with our clients during every phase of engagement, including:

Location and Integration of Display

Architectural Design & Construction
Engineering Design & Construction
Start up & Organism Acclimation
Display Management
Livestock Culture & Disease Prevention
Product Development
We offer our combined 84 years experience and professionalism to our clients to create the most ideal aquatic environment, dedicating ourselves to bringing you the most complete service possible. We will strive to continually improve on our core principals as a full-service aquatics firm



◦ Consulting
◦ Design
◦ Installation
◦ Maintenance
◦ Fabrication

Design/Build Capabilities

◦ Custom Reef Exhibits
◦ Jelly Exhibits
◦ Cephalopod Exhibits
◦ Planted
◦ Tropical Exhibits
◦ Species Specific Systems
◦ Water walls
◦ Bubble Walls
◦ Water Screens
◦ Custom Aquaculture labs
◦ Turn key Coral Prop Systems
◦ Turn Key Aquarium Displays
◦ Turnkey Aquaculture Systems
◦ Filtration Equipment Fabrication

At Aquatic Art Technologies, we design and build turnkey aquatic displays using value-engineered and sound biological principles. This enables us to design the exact aquarium that our clients are looking for, while lowering the overall costs.

From AutoCAD designed schema to aquaria filtration technology, we fabricate and construct the best life support systems and displays for aquariums available on the market today. AAT develops superior aquascapes backed by standard professional equipment, leaving our clients with natural, breathtaking custom aquarium displays.

Our goal with any custom built aquarium or aquatic system is to successfully hold, rear, and culture aquatic organisms. Considering the expense of these animals, and the environmental impact on our natural reefs and local waters, we won’t allow our clients or the animals we house to suffer from inferior products.

We design our products to foster easy customer maintenance, and to make AAT systems. The design allows for displays that are easier to maintain than any other aquarium design. For salt and fresh water aquarium fabrication and construction in New Haven, Connecticut, contact the professionals at Aquatic Art Technologies today.



Measure Twice, Cut Once

With more than 20 years experience in marine biology and aquatic display construction, AAT is your solution for sound and strategic consultation before a project begins.

Many desperate calls made to our offices are crisis management of poorly planned and poorly executed displays. The work required to remedy these ordeals, including leaks and water damage as well as damaged ecosystems, is far more costly than the careful and critical consulting that AAT brings to the table.

Whether you’re specualting a large public installation, corporate or home-based aquatic display, consider AAT as a sounding board for the planning and budgeting phase of your project.

Contact us at any time to begin a discovery phase of your install. Measure twice, cut once is tantamount when it comes to delicate life forms and the safety of aquatic displays. AAT can help you plan for the long-term success of your dream aquatic installation.



Management Capabilities

◦ Reef Aquariums

◦ Jelly Exhibits
◦ Cephalopod Exhibits
◦ Planted Tropical Exhibits
◦ Species Specific Systems
◦ Shark Exhibits
◦ Trout Exhibits
◦ Lobster Exhibits
◦ Water walls
◦ Bubble Walls
◦ Water Screens
◦ Aquaculture labs
◦ Aquaculture Systems

Once the display is completed, AAT prides itself in the quality management of our displays. With our practical and applied aquatic arts experience, AAT handles small to large-scale aquatic displays and life support systems. Our seasoned team of professionals supports our clients’ displays with great care in order to maintain a price point appropriate to budgetary expectations. Our team includes:


Marine Biologists
…and SCUBA divers

The skill set of the Aquatic Arts Team ensures the long-term success of smarter aquatic husbandry systems.



AAT promotes the use of aquacultured fish, invertebrates and corals in the displays we design and build as well as the livestock we sell to end-users. If we are unable to supply a client with the appropriate aquacultured animals, we then use wild collection. For wild collection, we use only fish wholesalers who have the same ethics as we promote, wholesalers who use environmentally safe methods of capture.


AAT also has an aquaculture division, which specializes in the propagation of both hard and soft corals. We have sustained coral cultures in-house for more than ten years, and the variety of our coral continues to increase every month. With the use of standardized feeding, health evaluations, and quarantine protocols, Aquatic Art delivers high end, healthy corals at competitive prices.

Help save our reefs, purchase aquacultured corals

click here to view and purchase from our coral farm



AAT also specializes in the design of custom products and innovations for our clients and the aquarium industry throughout Massachusetts. Due to the somewhat limited variety of quality components in our niche market, we’ve developed the following products:




Read some of our client recommendations below:

Aquatic Art Technologies has maintained our 3000 gallon aquarium at sports haven for a number of years now. Geoff and staff are attentive to our needs, have provided the expertise and service we’ve contracted him for. AAT has suggested changes to the system to ensure problems are reported immediately to ensure the health of our livestock and the integrity of our aquarium display. I would not hesitate to recommend his company to others interested in his services.

Paul Derose

Manager of Operations
Sports Haven – New Haven, CT
As the Principal of New Haven’s Sound School, the nation’s first high school devoted totally to the study of marine science and technology, and now as a consultant to school systems developing similar programs, I have come to appreciate the superior quality of work done by Geoffrey Sampson and Aquatic Art Technologies. AAT designs are clear, imaginative and precise. The specified equipment is intended to give the client reliability and long life. Installation is beautifully executed recognizing that the appearance of a system is and important indicator of quality work. We were so impressed with AAT that the Sound School contracted with them to manage all of our fish production systems.

I can certainly recommend Aquatic Art Technologies for design, installation and management of both fresh and salt water systems without any reservations.

George E. Foote
Sound School Principal (Ret.)



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Aquatic Art Technologies
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