With more than 60 years of experience in: marine biology, animal husbandry, aquarium and LSS design and installation and project management, AAT is your solution for sound and strategic consultation before a project begins.  We work with our client’s architects and general contractors to assess the feasibility of installing their aquatic exhibit.  We educate our clients in the process so we can assess their desires and concerns and satisfy their issues, prior to the build.


Measure twice, cut once is tantamount when it comes to successfully installing art work containing water and living animals.  Holding delicate aquatic life forms, long term, takes a unique skill set.  AAT has the experience and we have honed our skill set through education, our experience and our hand selected staff.


AAT’s experienced team of professionals work in partnership with our clients during every phase of engagement, including:


  • Location and Integration of water exhibits
  • Architectural Design & Construction of water exhibits
  • Engineering Design & Construction of water exhibits
  • Aquarium start-up & Organism Acclimation
  • Aquarium and water feature maintenance
  • Exhibit repair and relocation services
  • Livestock Culture & Disease Prevention
  • Product Development

Contact us at any time to begin a discovery phase of your install.

Design/ Build

We listen… to our clients about what their dream aquatic space would be.  We design the big picture concepts to come up with a cost estimate for that dream aquatic space and then fabricate and professionally install your aquatic exhibit. 


AAT can carry out all aspects of design for your custom aquarium project. Our team can provide creative concepts assisting with tank size and selection, external finishes and themed tank inserts, and life support system design with value-engineered and sound biological principles. This process enables us to design exactly what our clients are looking for, while lowering the overall costs by limiting risk.


From AutoCAD designed LSS to current aquaria filtration technology, AAT develops natural museum quality aqua-scapes backed by industry standard professional equipment, leaving our clients with natural, breathtaking and valuable displays that last.


There is no limit to the size of the aquarium or project that AAT can install. We are professionals who understand small and large-scale projects and have managed general construction and specialized trades in residential homes, commercial properties and public aquariums.


Display Management

We provide high quality, professional management services for aquatic displays, water features and life support systems of all sizes.   


AAT provides a standard of excellence in animal care and maintenance taken from from the best practices in the industry and from years of experience in public AZA accredited aquarium facilities.  With our practical and applied experience, Our company understands what is required to maintain aquatic animals successfully in an aquarium.
AAT maintains small to large-scale aquatic displays, water features and life support systems. Our seasoned team of professionals support our clients’ aquatic exhibits with great care in order to maintain a healthy, thriving and beautiful exhibit. 

Our team includes:

Plumber & Electrician

Licensed veterinarian


Marine Biologists and ecologists

…and SCUBA divers

The skill set of the Aquatic Arts Team ensures the long-term success of smarter aquatic husbandry systems.

Our display specialties:

Reef Aquariums
Jelly Exhibits
Cephalopod Exhibits
Planted Tropical Exhibits
Species Specific Systems
Shark Exhibits
Trout Exhibits
Lobster Exhibits
Water walls
Bubble Walls
Water Screens
Aquaculture labs
Aquaculture Systems

AAT’s Partial Client List:


Private Residences in; MA, CT, NY, LINY, NJ and New Mexico

Fauna – NYC

Jillian’s Billiard Club – MA

University of Connecticut – CT

Sacred Heart University – CT

Eastern Connecticut State University – CT

The Sound School – CT

Foxwoods Casino – CT

New England Aquarium – MA

New Bedford Oceanarium – MA

LEGO Lands; NYC, Boston, Michigan, Arizona