AAT recently finished designing, installing and stocking this 1500 gallon display which houses numerous exotic fish and to start, some corals. The display measures 144″ long x 42″ tall x 42″ front to back with a custom filtration room with water storage and monitoring page out system directly behind the display.


Aquatic Art Technologies produces museum-quality aquariums for commercial facilities, residential properties, offices and more. We’ve been offering New England’s best in aquarium design, installation and maintenance since 1998.


We work hard to tailor each aquarium design according to the client’s wishes. We offer an array of water features and aquatic species, using state-of-the-art design software to create unique works of aquarium art. Our design services include client consultations, installation and maintenance of your aquatic system.


Our expertise in aquatic biology gives us an edge on our competition. Aquatic Art Technologies employs both expert craftsmen and professional scientists, who help ensure we build the proper environment for your display. We can even help remediate cases of poor aquarium design by others.


Whether you’re from New Haven, Hartford, Boston or the farther reaches of Vermont and New Hampshire, Aquatic Art Technologies can handle your aquarium needs. Call us today to see how we can deliver an elegant work of aquatic art that will dramatically improve the appearance of your home or office.



Geoffrey Sampson


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